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Update on the Vicious and Violent Mustang!

1965 Ford Mustang Vicious Violent Engine Bay

Rob Kinnan

A month ago, we introduced you to the latest project happening at Timeless Kustoms in So-Cal. Vicious is a 1965 Mustang that Timeless’ Jason Pecikonis said will be “the ultimate road race Mustang with a street car environment. It’ll be nine-tenths race car with one-tenth street car, just to get you by.”

The no-holds-barred build is based around a 1965 Mustang coupe that was first transformed into a fastback with Dynacorn sheetmetal, then cut apart and sat on a custom Art Morrison chassis. It’s a ground-up build that Pecikonis said is, “an exercise in performance first, before the visual.”




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