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Russell Wrench It Promotion Offers Free Adjustable AN Wrench

Russell Performance Adjustable AN Wrench

Mark Houlahan

AN hoses and fittings aren’t just for race cars anymore. These special hoses and their 37-degree fittings have found their way into numerous Mustang projects of ours over the years. If you’ve ever installed an aftermarket EFI system or performance disc brake system you’ve probably handled AN lines and fittings.

The one issue many people seem to have is how to assemble and tighten these special fittings without marring their anodized and colored fittings. Special AN wrenches are available in the proper “dash” sizing, such as -4, -6, -8, and so forth, but an adjustable AN wrench allows one tool to assemble or tighten any AN fitting size and Russell has a great adjustable AN wrench in PN 654400, seen here. Now, you can obtain one FREE with the purchase of $100 or more in Russell Performance products between October 1 – December 31, 2016 thanks to the Russell Performance “Wrench It” consumer promotion.




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