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Revology Cars Expands With the Launch of its Performance Division

1965 Mustang Sheetmetal Repairs

Mark Houlahan

We’ve been asking Revology Cars’ Tom Scarpello for a while now when we might see his company offering the parts they use in their turnkey replica Ford Mustangs and Shelby G.T 350s to customers that want some of these upgrades for their own Mustang. Each time Tom would tell us “when the time is right,” as he carefully grew his fledgling company. As of July 2016, the time is finally right, as we received the following press release from the Revology Cars people. So if you’ve drooled over the fabrication, performance, suspension, and technology that Revology Cars has put into its Mustang replicas, but the prices of its replicas are beyond your financial reach, now you can have the same upgrades added to your existing Mustang.

Revology Performance is the new division at Revology Cars, offering its customers performance upgrades, integrating such parts as power windows and locks, high-end audio, supercharger installations, and more into a vintage Mustang. Revology Performance will also be able to handle any restoration work, including rust repair, metal work, body panel fitting, engine and transmission installations, and driveline swaps, suspension, steering, and brake upgrades, fitment of modern air conditioning, and more. Revology Performance can even convert original Mustang coupes to fastbacks. Revology Performance will be offering a full line of parts and accessories through its website, from the same manufacturers that supply components for the Revology Mustang and Shelby replicas it builds now.




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