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Legoland Florida’s #BrickPony Growls!

Legoland Florida BrickPony

Mark Houlahan

We first told our readers about the 1964½ Mustang, built from almost 200,000 Lego and Duplo bricks, when it debuted at the 40th Anniversary Mustang Club of America event in Indianapolis earlier in 2016.You can read that bit of news on Mustang-360 HERE. Known as the BrickPony, we followed the new Lego vehicle to its permanent home at Legoland Florida Resort [https://www.legoland.com/florida] the following month and were on site for the unveiling of the new Lego Mustang display. That story can be read HERE. Just days before the grand unveiling however, Lego and Ford displayed the bright blue Mustang at several central Florida are attractions and events.

One such attraction was the I-Drive 360 complex in Orlando, home to the Coca-Cola Orlando Eye. While on display the Legoland folks decided to have a little fun with their 1964½ Mustang hardtop brick creation, hooked up an external speaker system, added a few hidden cameras, and had some fun with Florida tourists visiting the famed I-Drive location that you can enjoy in the video below.




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